Early Call for Abstracts

Play an active part in the scientific programme by presenting your work at the 48th FEBS Congress!
Submissions of abstracts for poster and oral presentations across the spectrum of the molecular life sciences will be welcome after registration and abstract submission open in November 2023, when full details of the Call for Abstracts will be posted on the website. 

Abstracts submitted by the March 2024 deadline can be considered for talks integrated into the symposia, as well as speed talks and poster presentations. Accepted abstracts will be displayed on the Congress website and app, and collated in an online supplement of FEBS Open Bio.

During abstract submission, you will be asked to select one topic from the categories below that best describes the content of your abstract: topics will be used for reviewing and indexing purposes, and assignment of oral presentations and poster display at the event.

Asbtract topics:

  1. Methods and progress in structural biology
  2. Proteomics and metabolomics
  3. Long ncRNA and microRNA networks
  4. Protein post-translational modifications and turnover
  5. Protein phase separation and new organelles
  6. Towards sustainable use of natural and renewable resources
  7. Biochemical strategies in cultural heritage
  8. Marine biochemistry
  9. Biochemistry of physical activity and health
  10. Functional food and human health
  11. Impacts of climate change on nutrition and health
  12. Membrane biochemistry
  13. Redox biochemistry
  14. Enzyme engineering and biotechnology
  15. Enzyme and cell therapies (medicinal biochemistry)
  16. D-amino acids and pathological states
  17. Genome editing and gene therapies
  18. Epigenome and transcriptome
  19. Cancer and metabolism
  20. Cancer biochemistry
  21. Bioinformatics and AI for precision medicine
  22. G-protein coupled receptors
  23. Neurobiochemistry
  24. Immunobiochemistry
  25. Molecular basis of diseases
  26. Biosensors
  27. Biochemistry for drug repurposing
  28. Molecular life sciences education
  29. Other topics

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