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Talk guidelines

Talk types and durations

Plenary and Symposia talks

Invited Speakers should consult their individual instructions on talk timing or contact their session chair or febs2024.speakers@aimgroup.eu with any queries. They should prepare a PowerPoint presentation and leave 5 minutes for discussion after the talk.

Participants who have been selected for a Symposia Talk have a 15-minute time slot or 20-minute time slot. Please check your symposia topic in the program overview from the end of April to find your talk time and duration. Please prepare a PowerPoint presentation (12 minutes or 17 minutes), allowing 3 minutes for discussion after your talk.

Speed talks

Speed Talk presenters in speed talk sessions have a 3-minute time slot – please prepare a PowerPoint presentation with 2 slides maximum (the size has to be smaller than 5 MB) that lasts for up to 3 minutes. (Speed talk presenters will also present a poster at the event, and questions arising from the speed talk can take place at the poster.) Please find your talk time within a speed talk session in the program overview at the end of April. As a general rule, speed talk presentations will be on the same day as your poster presentation, or the day before (with a few exceptions due to organizational reasons).

Please note the guidelines below for preparation of your speed talk presentation and submit your file to febs2024.speakers@aimgroup.eu before June 10, 2024. Presentations will be broadcast on site for your speed talk session.

Prizes for two outstanding speed talks will be awarded by FEBS Open Bio. A useful guide to speed talk delivery can be found on the FEBS Network site here

Data Presentation

At the event

  • All presentations must be uploaded and tested at the Preview room (except for speed talk presentations – see above).
  • Opening and closing hours of the Preview room
Saturday 29 June: 14:00 - 19:00
Sunday 30 June, Monday 1 July and Tuesday 2 July: 7:30 – 19:00
Wednesday 3 July: 8:00 - 18:00 

Presentation files must be delivered here by the speakers at least 1 hour before the afternoon session, or the day before the morning session.

  • Once the presentation is launched, you, the speaker, will control the program: by using the mouse of the computer your slides will go on as usual.
  • Please, do not come at the last minute with your own laptop, memory stick or hard drive to the meeting room: you will not be able to connect it. All speakers must upload their presentation in the Preview room beforehand as outlined above.
  • We remind you that the speaking time is strictly limited, and that Chairs are instructed to ensure that it is respected.

Presentation guidelines

  • Each presentation has to be in landscape format 16/9 (to be set up in the layout tab).
  • Your presentation should be named as: lastname_firstname.pptx
  • Only presentations for PCs (Windows latest versions) and PC-compatible presentations will be accepted (no UNIX). To avoid problems of compatibility between PCs and MAC, please use fonts common to both PCs and MAC.
  • If your presentation includes pictures, it is highly recommended to have .jpg format. The image resolution shall not exceed 1024 to 768 pixels (width by height).
  • If you have video files attached to your power point presentation, they must be in the following format: .mpg, .mpeg, .avi., wmv. or mov. When saving your final presentation to CD or USB stick, please make sure to include your video files (if any) and all links to these multimedia files.

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