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The MiCo Convention Centre in Milano

MiCoConvention Centre
Via Gattamelata
Mico North Wing, Gate 14
20149 Milano, Italy

The 48th FEBS Congress will be organized at the MiCo Convention Centre, the largest conference facilities in Europe. Allianz MiCo, operational since 1994, is home to the most important international association and corporate events, which choose it for its features (18,000 seats, 65 conference rooms and 50,000 square meters of exhibition space), organizational skills, and for the expertise, the cutting-edge technology, the variety and flexibility of the offer and the services (operational assistance, catering, logistics). The continuous technological updating is for Allianz MiCo an indispensable requirement that places it among the most advanced congress centers in the world.

The venue is right in front of the new Citylife district, the urban project that re-shaped the Portello area with the iconic architecture of its skyscrapers, residential buildings and shopping mall. Bars, restaurants and coffee houses complete the offer of services available within walking distance of the main entrances of the convention centre. The Citylife park, right in front of MiCo is the ideal space to spend any spare time during the events happening at the convention centre.

MICO considers «sustainability» a fundamental element of its strategy (https://www.micomilano.it/en/sustainability )

LEFTOVER FOOD DONATION – In collaboration with Banco Alimentare for free distribution to partner charitable organizations

Auditorium of the Allianz MiCo
Picture: Auditorium of the Allianz MiCo

Comet view of the Allianz MiCo
Picture: Comet view of the Allianz MiCo


  • Social Programme bookings deadline
    June 7, 2024
  • Online late registration deadline
    June 21, 2024
  • Closing times: 23:59 (UTC+01:00)

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